Love letter in a virus pandemic

Bagpipes played in Scotland
Tenors sing from verandas in Italy
The dead will not hear them
And the living want to mourn their dead in silence
Who do they want to cheer?
The children?
But the children are also dying
In my circumstance
I may die
Wondering if I will ever see you again
But before I die
I want you to know
How much I care for you
How much I worry about you
How much I remember shared and cherished moments
Moments then
Eternities now
The sea
The feather that the gull took to our table
Golden cufflinks
The magnolia
The hospital
Socks pijamas and other thoughtful things
All moments then
Eternities now
As I may die and you must live
In your living the hope of my lasting

Maria de Sousa, April 2020