Professor Maria de Sousa, 2014 (Nuno Ferreira Santos)
We are all extremely saddened by the news about our beloved mentor, Maria de Sousa. I am confident that most of you agree that by meeting her our lives have changed forever. It is remarkable how a single person can have so much influence on so many people spread through some of the most prestigious universities in the world. I am sure that if we made a GABBA tree with her as the stem, the final result would be astonishing, even for us! Professor Maria was also the driving force of our alumni association. I still remember the moment when I read her email saying, “Do we have volunteers for the creation of the alumni association or am I supposed to start it at this end?” Bruno and I, joined by Pedro shortly after, decided that it was time to give back a small part of what was given to us. One year later, ATG was born, and I can assure you that she was very happy! Professor Maria was also honored when we named our Summer Research Program after her. She even said that what was starting as a Summer Program, might very well end up as an independent school for the training of the next generation of scientists.

We need to continue to strive for excellence and never abandon her ideals: only freedom can guarantee creativity and innovation! For that, we will need to continue our journey as a strong community. You can all imagine her smile and happiness if we achieve all of this!

On behalf of ATG,
André Sousa (11th Edition)