Lígia Tavares


Lígia Tavares was born in Vila Nova de Gaia, a city just south from Porto. From early the evidence that the same piece of DNA gives origin to so many different cells, tissues and organisms puzzled her. Because of that she took a Biology degree at Faculty of Sciences at University of Porto.
She was part of the GABBA’s 9th edition, which gave her the opportunity to focus her studies in stem cell epigenetics in Neil Brockdorff’s lab first at Imperial College, London and then at the Biochemistry Department from the University of Oxford, where she was part of the corpus Christi college as a D. Phill student. Lígia returned to Portugal in 2011 as an EMBO postdoctoral fellow and is now a postdoc at IBMC in Porto studying cell signaling and development in a collaborative project between Paulo Pereira’s and João Relva’s labs.
She lives by the sea and apart from science spends her time doing sports, and developing her love for cooking and decoration.