Eurico Morais de Sá


Eurico got his first degree at the University of Porto after a training period on Yeast Osmotic Stress in the wild city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Biochemist at heart, he started to get scientific experience in Protein Crystallography at IBMC, Porto. GABBA operated a miracle, and after being member of the 8th edition, Eurico decided to trade the beauty of symmetric crystals for the challenge of asymmetric cells. This led him to move to Cambridge, UK, where he did his PhD at the Gurdon Institute, before coming back full circle to IBMC in 2011.
He recently got an FCT Investigator Grant to study how cells adjust their asymmetries during division to maintain the architecture of proliferating tissues.
His more recent addiction is running at the sunset, AKA “lusco-fusco”, and although he claims to work hard and party harder, he spends most free time babysitting his 1 year-old son.